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JalitePhotoluminescent Safety Signs Jalite AAA

Jalite Photoluminescent Stairnosing

Engineered specifically to provide stairway illumination under power failure or should smoke obscure the lighting, JALITE AAA Photoluminescent Stairnosing will immediately illuminate, highlighting the edge of the steps.

Available in 2 designs, straight back or raked back, suitable for most staircases. Easy to apply, no need for specialist tool, just construction grade adhesive and screws.

Material: Stairnosing comes in 2 components, the photoluminescent strip comes with a self-adhesive backing for easy application after profile is installed, an 'Application Guide' is included with every order.

US978 - Jalite rigid Stair Tread Markers Jalite Stair Tread Markers


Stair Tread Illumination Markers

LIT3 - Jalite Stairnosing


Jalite Authorised Distributor 

US978 - Jalite rigid Stair Tread Markers US978V - Jalite Vinyl Stair Tread Markers


Pack of 15 x 1.375m lengths of
Straight-back stairnosing.

Pack of 15 x 1.375m lengths of
Raked-back stairnosing.

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