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JalitePhotoluminescent Safety Signs Jalite AAA

Jalite Emergency Door Operations

Jalite AAA photoluminescent door escape mechanisms and panic hardware signs are designed in conformance with British and International Standards. They serve to override security devices, speed egress and reduce evacuation time. Excellent luminance qualities will ensure that signs are conspicuous and can be read even in total darkness!.

Material: JALITE AAA photoluminescent signs are available in rigid pvc.


Jalite Fire Safety Signs Products.


Push and Pull signs

Jalite Authorised Distributor


Use photoluminescent Push and Pull signs within close proximity to door handles, bars or security pads to indicate if door opens inwards or outwards.

4775Y - Jalite Push to Open 4776Y - Jalite Pull to Open 4273A - Jalite Push Pad to Open 4525A - Jalite Push Button to Exit

4775Y = 150 x 100mm

4776Y = 150 x 100mm

4273A = 100 x 100mm

4525A = 100 x 100mm

4226M - Jalite Push to Open 4227M - Jalite Pull to Open 4273M - Jalite Push Pad to Open

4226M = 80 x 200mm

4227M = 80 x 200mm

4273M = 80 x 200mm

4304PT - Jalite Push Bar to Open 4219C - Jalite Slide to Open 4221C - Jalite Slide to Open

4304PT = 100 x 300mm
4304K = 150 x 400mm

4219C = 150 x 150mm

4221C = 150 x 150mm

Turn to Open signs

Use these photoluminescent Turn to Open signs within close proximity to door handles to indicate the direction a handle turns to open.

4252A - Jalite Turn to Open 4251A - Jalite Turn to Open 4461A - Jalite Turn to Open 4320PT - Jalite Turn to Open 4321PT - Jalite Turn to Open

4252A = 100 x 100mm
4252C = 150 x 150mm

4251A = 100 x 100mm
4251C = 150 x 150mm
4461A = 100 x 100mm
4461C = 150 x 150mm
4249A - Jalite Turn to Open 4250A - Jalite Turn to Open 4462A - Jalite Turn to Open

4249A = 100 x 100mm
4249C = 150 x 150mm

4250A = 100 x 100mm
4250C = 150 x 150mm
4462A = 100 x 100mm
4462C = 150 x 150mm
100 x 300mm
100 x 300mm

Break Glass to Access Signs

Use these photoluminescent Break Glass signs within close proximity or above panels to indicate access instructions.

4467M - Jalite In Case of Fire Break Glass to reach latch 4468M - Jalite In Case of Fire Break Glass Bolt to Open 4469M - Jalite In Case of Fire Break Glass for key  

4467M = 80 x 200mm

4468M = 80 x 200mm 4469M = 80 x 200mm  
4075M - Jalite Break Glass to operate door 4042C - Jalite Emergency Door Release 4324D - Jalite In Case of Fire Break Glass  

4075M = 80 x 200mm

4042A = 100 x 100mm
4042C = 150 x 150mm
4324D = 200 x 150mm Back to top

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