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Jalite Photoluminescent Edge Markers

JALITE Edge Markers are ideal for use in industrial environments, loading bays, warehouses, car parks or anywhere where there is heavy use of industrial vehicles. They provide protection and identification for pillars, buttresses and low ceilings.

Manufactured on JALITE photoluminescent aluminium and incorporates a chevron design, Edge Markers will provide a conspicuous warning to all drivers in both daylight and night conditions (when a light source is terminated).

Suitable for any square pillars or walls, and can be easily installed with construction grade adhesive. Each Edge Marker is 1.2m in length.

Material: Manufactured using JALITE photoluminescent on aluminium..

US978 - Jalite rigid Stair Tread Markers Jalite Stair Tread Markers


Photoluminescent Edge Markers

LIT331 - Jalite Edge Markers


Jalite Authorised Distributor 

Edge Markers


Kit contains:
12 x 1.2m lengths of photoluminescent aluminium edge markers.


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