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Jalite Photoluminescent Paint - SFE System

JALITE Jalite SFE System is a professional coating system which has been developed to provide effective photoluminescent and protective properties to concrete, steel and other common substrates where the identification / awareness of constructional components is required. A high build heavy duty 2 Part / 2 Pack Solvent free epoxy photoluminescent paint system which can achieve ISO 17398: 2004 C-Class luminance performance. White base component, photoluminescent component and tool cleaner. 5kg kit gives a typical coverage of 7m2


310KIT5 - Jalite Photoluminescent 310 Paint Systems

Photoluminescent Paint - SFE System



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Application: Ideally suited to experienced epoxy users, pre weighed amounts of each component are mixed and then applied in the desired application area, we recommend brush application. Tools can be cleaned with the supplied tool clean product. Due to the high build nature this product is not suitable to be applied to vertical surfaces.

Typical Application Areas: Heavy pedestrian traffic walkways, light industrial usage areas, stair nosings etc.

Photoluminescent SFE Paint System.

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